I’ve had the privilege of serving as your King County Councilmember. With your support I will continue to focus on affordable housing, criminal justice reform and public transportation.

Affordable housing

King County is committed to building 44,000 affordable units over the next five years. I recommended that the King County Affordable Housing Task Force commit to providing these safe and affordable housing units in all communities.

Criminal justice reform

I pledge to keep communities safe and to reduce racial disproportionality in our criminal justice system. With my leadership, as of 2019 we’ve reduced the average daily youth detention population by 75% but more work must be done. We must collaborate with local school districts to improve the educational outcomes for high-risk students.

Public transportation

It’s important that we improve access to public transit while also transitioning our Metro bus fleet to 100% renewable energy. I sponsored landmark legislation to lower the price of fares for low-income transit users.